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Bigger pixels should in theory lead to better pictures. Pricing for the iPhone 5s is the same as for the 5: It'll be available in three new metallic finishes: Apple The iPhone 5c comes in five bright colors. September When you start up your new device, a new setup screen will offer to install whichever of those apps you want.

iPhone 5c: five colors

Most notable of them: Apple expects to ship its millionth iOS device next month—up from the million the company said it had sold as of January The iPhone 5c offers enough new features at an attractive enough price to make it an affordable upgrade to anyone who still owns a iPhone 4 or 4s. The iPhone 5s may look a lot like its predecessor. But with a faster new processor, a fingerprint sensor, and an improved camera flash, it's a serious upgrade.

Everything Apple announced at its September 12 'Gather Round' event.

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New iPhones: Updated at 2: At a Glance. The camera, convenience, and performance increases make that a no-brainer decision for smartphone power users. Much of the focus of the iPhone 5c is its different physical aesthetic to its premium smartphone sibling.

The 5C's case is polycarbonate, lacquered like a glossy piano. Better yet, its back edges are curved for the first time since the iPhones of You can tell by touch which way it's facing in your pocket. Despite some initial reservations about the device, he summed up his smartphone experience in three words: I'm honestly not sure outside of the heavy fashion crowd who, for one reason or another might just want colour and not actual features.

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When it was announced and outright pricing emerged, the only glimmer of hope was that telcos would take it on board in a heavily-subsidised fashion, making it a better value pick[. Kidman also examined the battery of the low-end device, in which he found in tests that the older now defunct iPhone 5 ran "pretty much neck and neck for most of the time.

  • iPhone 5C – iOS 7, Apps and Performance Review | Trusted Reviews;
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AllThingsD's Lauren Goode also took a moment to compare and contrast the iPhone 5c and its closest predecessor, the iPhone 5. She noted the battery was slightly larger in the iPhone 5c, adding that users should get "extra juice" out of the device. She explained in one real-world example:. This past weekend I used both the 5c and my own iPhone 5 at the same time, with the display on both set to about 75 percent of full brightness and their batteries fully charged.

I ran the same apps, including maps apps, browsed through both Safari browsers and made phone calls on both phones.

iPhone 5C and iOS 7: Designed Together

When my iPhone 5 died on Saturday night, the 5c had 17 percent battery power left. In closing remarks, she noted that while the iPhone 5c will look and feel familiar, there are improvements over its replacement. Like others, he cited greater LTE coverage and an improved camera, calling it a "perfect cover-all-your-needs smartphone.

In the end, I steered my mom to the iPhone 5S. You should too, unless you really, truly need to save a hundred dollars.

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It's younger, and while it may only be slightly cheaper it will appeal to new markets perhaps just enough to keep consumers away from the temptations of rivals for a little longer. He admitted that he "highly regards" both Android and Windows Phone, he was not blind to "what Apple didn't do," noting the company's catch-up efforts in certain areas of iOS 7's feature set. Taken in totality, the features new to the iPhone 5s make what I consider to be the best smartphone on the market even better, helped enormously by Apple owning the entire end-to-end experience.

Heer does summate his points in a sound, simple paragraph. The redesign makes the entire user experience feel brighter and more alive. It's not just a bit of trite marketing: On the whole gave a positive impression of the new software, but failed to go into too many details in his short column. Even the software's background color is set to match the color of the case.

iPhone 5s, 5c, iOS 7 reviews are in: The good, the bad, and the ugly

In closing comments, he stuck to his guns: But there's not much that's pulse-quickening about them either. And if you wanted to round off your iOS 7 coverage , I personally called the latest operating system "an old soul with style and substance," despite my own concerns that Apple had somehow suffered a "mobile mid-life crisis" amid its shockingly bright color schemes and vivid, almost fauvist iconography. Online security Tips for protecting your privacy from hackers and spies.

US government's "do not buy" list shuts out Russia, China. New Spectre attack can remotely steal secrets, researchers say.

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Flaw let researchers snoop on Swann smart security cameras. Samsung Electronics will launch its foldable smartphone the Galaxy Fold with 5G in May in South Korea, the company's mobile boss says, and vows to sell more than a million units globally. Galaxy Fold: Samsung outlined the Galaxy Fold, a device that can do a bit of everything, but may struggle to find use cases. Either way it's interesting enough to warrant some gadget lust. I'm a bit surprised that it ends up being a Samsung smartphone that folds in half.

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iPhone 5C Review - iOS 7, Apps and Performance Review

Samsung just took the wraps off its latest flagship phone and Galaxy Note 9 users will naturally start to question if the newest Galaxy S10 Plus is a better option for the enterprise. Galaxy S Launch date, prices, specs, features, and more. The Galaxy S10 is finally official, and we have everything you need to know.

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