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With this app, users will be able to download videos not just from YouTube, but also from several other websites such as Facebook, Vimeo, and more. A free Android app to download films, TV shows and music from around the world. The app looks more like a browser than an individual app. Instead, all you have to do is look for the page of the video that you need. There is a green download button at the top of the page and you just need to click that button to get your video. There are at least seven options for video quality to choose from including several file format choices.

You can even choose to only download the audio of your video. First of all, you can play your downloaded video or audio directly from the app. TubeMate also affords users with much more flexibility when it comes to downloading. For example, you can set the speed limit of your download so you can allocate more speed to other tasks if downloading videos is not your priority.

You can also limit how many videos you can download simultaneously to prevent slowing down and crashing your device. It can also download videos from other popular sites like Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. The app is a reliable one and delivers fast downloading speed. You can choose the quality of Youtube videos before downloading it.

Moreover, InsTube is highly-customizable, you can add bookmarks and also create private space to hide any video if you desire. The only drawback of the app is that you have to deal with ads that keep popping up, and there is no way to remove the ads. Download Instube from its official site. The app is very reliable to download YouTube videos. You can look for files based on different categories such as movie, music, tv show, or directly search for any files from its Search-Bar.

VidMate provides you with a fast video downloading speed, but you can also customize the rate and select the preferred download location within its download settings. Additionally, the app includes a built-in video player, music player, and you can also create an encrypted space within the app to hide videos. It has a user-friendly interface which is quite easy to operate.

A preview button lets you have a peek at a song before you download it. It allows faster downloading speed and everything that you download will get saved in the Download folder. Moreover, it shows lyrics as you listen to music.

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Also, you can download either low or high-quality video. This app downloads music and videos only from Youtube. The 3 YouTube video download app on our list is NewPipe. NewPipe aims to provide original YouTube app experience to its users without displaying any annoying ads. It is an open source application with a very intuitive interface. The best thing about this application is the background player that enables you to play any YouTube songs in the background while you use other apps.

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Video downloading is very straightforward and provides fast downloading speed. It offers you different file formats and resolutions for downloading YouTube videos and audios. Moreover, the app ensures privacy as it does not save any user data nor use any services that analyze your usage behavior. Its other remarkable features include channel subscriptions, video pop-up mode, 4K support, multiple themes, etc. It is lightweight and free with no in-app purchases or ads. You can download NewPipe app from F-Droid.

You can also download the app directly but installing F-Droid will ensure that you get the updates as well. Download NewPipe from F-Droid. Did you find this list of best Android video downloaders to be helpful?

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Best Free YouTube Video Downloader App for Android

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8 Powerful YouTube Video Downloader for Android

What Is Group Policy Editor? Hassle-free and neat interface allows easy operation. Faster downloading options across 40 plus websites and free YouTube video download is also possible. Unwanted Ads popup on the screen forcing you to install updates. You see the clipboard identifier icon only for few seconds on the screen. It works well with poor internet connectivity as well, compared to other video downloaders.

Even though multiple videos can be downloaded at the same time, but the same batch videos can be converted only to one output format. NewPipe NewPipe analyses YouTube videos by itself to obtain the necessary information for downloading the videos. It is merely 2MB.

YouTube Downloader for Android for Android - Download

It has a pop-up mode which is movable and resizable, using which you can watch the videos while carrying out other activities in your mobile. There are no Ads. It requires additional settings. Support multiple video site 1. It does not require additional plug-in. It does not have malware and Ads.

Support multiple video site

YouTube multimedia download is restricted in India and China. Videoder Videoder is the app for you when you want to broaden your horizon and download videos from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Hotstar etc. Looking for HD quality viewing? You have 4K quality videos with Videoder. Multiple downloading is possible with a single tap. Downloading speed is accelerated by the number of network connections and utilizing it to maximum. Because of the numerous features, it may take time to learn all the functionalities.

An audio encoding pop-up may sometimes appear asking to install plug-in. The app does not have any size limit to the video.

It does not have any Ads. It can download videos as good as 4K. admin