Compare xperia l vs nokia lumia 720

Smartphone Comparison – Nokia Lumia 720 VS Sony Xperia L

It keeps the interest of the people and, of course, the market as well. In relation to this, it is not just the brand name that makes an impact on consumers. Product specifications are important too. This is why we are going to compare and contrast the Nokia Lumia and Sony Xperia L to know which has more impact to consumers in terms of the special features that come with these products.

One of the members of the Lumia family is the Nokia Lumia Fashioned to be a pocket device, this mobile handset only weighs grams which is positively lighter than the Xperia L. This makes it very portable and easy to slide into jeans pockets or small bags. It is also considerably thinner even with a curvy polycarbonate back.

Nokia Lumia 720 Description

With the inclusion of a wide variety of youthful shell colors that consumers can choose from, this device is generally sleek and attractive. Sporting the top-notch Windows 8 operating system, one of the good things about Lumia is that it is easy to navigate and explore.

It is also very customizable by letting users move as well as resize the square tiles that make up the whole screen. The live updates are also very useful especially for the purposes of connecting to social media.

Reasons To Buy The Sony Xperia L

In general, the goal of these applications is to help users have a more interesting mobile experience and it seems that Nokia succeeded. With a black cover on the back that curves to connect the front, it looks rough and jagged. But with an added accent courtesy of the speaker, camera lens and power button which are all silver-colored, the final look is both slick and stylish.

But not just in looks, the Xperia L also boasts a highly regarded display and camera feature.

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It also offers Corning Gorilla Glass 2 for protection purposes. The phone is available with a 6. It also has a 1. The company offers many camera features such as touch focus, landscape orientation, auto and manual exposure, auto and manual white balance, still image editor, full screen viewfinder, Cinemagraph lens, Bing vision, Smart Shoot lens and panorama lens. The phone is slick and thin bar phone with slightly curved edges. The phone sports a 3.

The back also three tiny holes for a Wireless Charging cover, which fits on the back of the device.

Nokia Lumia 720

The phone is customizable with changing shells, making it easier to mix and match the phone with various different colors. The phone has been announced for the Australian market, with launch dates yet to be released for the rest of the world. The Sony Xperia L is a mid-range smartphone.

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The camera, do you know xperia L slogan? The design , once again its depend on your opinion, Xperia L has typical sony design.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Today we will comparing Nokia Lumia vs Sony Xperia L The Keyboard,the virtual qwerty keyboard on Xperia is so horrible and no fast interactions between our touch and the screen,it so slow unlike the Lumia you can type as fast as you can,slick,and so comfortable to use Winner: Nokia Lumia Apps In Apps section Xperia L have a lot of apps but most of those Android apps are slow,laggy,crashy,and contains a lot of malware,and also getting all your privacy data,unlike Windows Phone there are no Ads,Pop ups,malware,and low quality apps Winner: Share this: admin