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The Contacts page is divided into two lists, one for all contacts so you can invite them to use Tango within the app and another for Tango contacts. The Invite page gives users the option to e-mail or text an invite to friends, and you can also invite contacts by holding down a name in the All Contacts list and selecting E-mail or SMS.

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The Settings tab lets users change their account details, view a long list of app tips, and toggle iOS notifications. The Tango Android app is not as polished as its iOS cousin. The UI is divided into four tabbed sections: Contacts, Call Log, Invite, and Settings. The Contacts section lists only Tango users that it finds via a search of the phone's contacts upon initial login. The Call Log is a list of recent audio and video calls.

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The Invite and Settings areas are nearly identical to the iOS version. There's another difference, too: The Android version of the Tango app contained one bug in the Recent Calls list. The app added completely random contacts to our recent calls list. A woman who was not stored in the phone's contacts list showed up as a recent call, as well as someone named Denzel Washington. We tried calling on the off chance it was the actor--no such luck.

Adding contacts was a challenge on both the iOS and Android apps. Though it's easy to invite new Tango users, there's no easy way to add someone who has signed up for Tango after you've installed the app. When we wanted to use the service with a colleague who recently installed Tango, we first needed to add her as a contact in the phone's contacts list.

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The app then automatically added the user to our list of Tango contacts. An option to add new friends within the app itself would be easier. That same caller reported difficultly contacting us in Tango, too. Even though we'd already created an account and were listed as a contact in her smartphone, the app did not list us as a Tango user when it searched her phone's contact list. Our details materialized eventually, but it was after we had finished our test calls. On the other hand, making calls on Tango was simple. We simply tapped a contact, and the call was connected in audio-only mode.

Our contact's avatar image took up the top third of the display and below it were four buttons: In video mode, the caller's feed takes up the full display. However, there's a thumbnail-sized window with first-person video in the bottom-left corner and a button to switch between back- and front-facing cameras in the top right. Along the bottom, you can end the call, mute the microphone, and turn off video. Overall, Tango offered video quality that ranged from mediocre to satisfactory. Otherwise, colors and tones were strong, and there wasn't much pixel noise or video latency. We just noticed a little fuzziness.

It also helped stream video a little more smoothly than the 3G connection. Over Wi-Fi, video on both calls looked slightly less pixelated, and we encountered little to no latency. If a contact does not have Viber installed, you can still ring them through the app, although you will get charged at the cost of a regular call. The Viber interface is very clearly laid out, making it very obvious how to use the app. Push notifications are also on hand to ensure that you don't miss any messages or activity. The quality of calls with Viber is generally very good, and rivals Skype respect - although of course, quality isn't usually as crisp as a cellular call.

The verdict. Viber is just about the perfect chat app for your mobile. It looks fantastic, makes it easy to chat with friends for free, and is a lot of fun to use!

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The latest update to Viber brings with it a number of interesting new features. The app now supports iOS 8 feature s, including interactive notifications and the ability to share content from other apps directly using Viber. The design of the user interface now makes the app easier to get around, and the developer has improved performance and fixed some bugs. More than million Viber users text, make HD-quality phone and video calls, and send photo and video messages worldwide over Wifi or 3G - for free. You can create group messages with up to participants.

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Viber Out credits can be used to make calls to non-Viber mobile and landline numbers at low rates. Viber is available for many smartphones and platforms.

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On Viber, your phone number is your ID. The app syncs with your mobile contact list automatically detecting which of your contacts have Viber. Give me my older version of Viber 2.

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Viber 2. When someone on Viber calls me, my phone does not ring. In addition, if I press the Speakerphone button the conversation goes dead. I would like to get the older version back! Viber is AWesome!!!. Other than that is all good: O More. At the moment I have a delay on viber when talking to someone. H as this happened to anyone else and today had trouble connecting,but otherwise great app.

Great app for communicating for free especially another country. Delay is very annoying More. Iphone 3gs. View full description. Softonic review Viber allows you to make free calls, video chat, and send free text messages from your iOS device to anyone who has the app installed.

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What can you do with Viber? How to use Viber Unlike Skype, you don't need to sign up to Viber to use it. The verdict Viber is just about the perfect chat app for your mobile. admin