Phone guy x reader x purple guy

Does that suffice for an hour? That sh-shoul-" Suddenly, lighting flash, making you squeal. He hugged you tighter, then let go. You hugged your Foxy plushie, hoping that he would be back quickly. About three. Why do you even have that!? It's good over a swim suit. Good enough! I pick the shoes, though. And socks! You sat at your vanity to apply your makeup of bright red lipstick, light pink blush, and eyeliner. BFN sifted through your sock drawer, looking through your assortment of thigh highs and ankle highs and everything in between. Almost as soon as you finished your makeup, BFN tossed a pair of purple knee highs in the air.

Grab your purple head band and silver flats, then you'll be all dolled up! You put your socks on, grabbed your headband, then slipped on your shoes and took your purse. Thanks and see you later, BFN! Have fun! And tell me how it goes,". Reader "Double bubble disco queen, headed to the guillotine. At The Disco. You had a black polo shirt, black skirt to your knees with a pink underskirt, making it fluffy, black tights, silver flats, sparkly headband, cat eye eyeliner, hot pink lipstick, and blush I actually have that outfit!

Your HL , HC hair was to be curled and pulled back by the headband.

If purple guy texted mike--ℙUℛℙℒℰ ᎶUᎽ x mike--love story

Once you were done curling your hair, you tossed your black overcoat and pink and black checkered fingerless gloves on, grabbed your hot pink duffel bag with your phone, wallet, clothes, and keys in it, then ran out the door. You might be thinking "Oh boy! I'm going on a date! You're visiting Foxy, your best friend, who is also a fashionista.

You both like dressing up, considering it an art form. Your art teacher is very proud. Foxy's approach is more boyish cl. I wanna go!!

Nothing's gonna hurt'cha! Stop scaring Jeremy! It's only a walk. Nothing s going to jump at you. Sounds awesome! Jeremy was wearing a Hetalia themed shirt, jeans, and black converse. Fritz had a Foxy shirt, black jeans, and his favorite green sneakers. Vincent had a purple v-neck duh , black jeans, and dark purple sneakers. Scott had a red flannel with the sleeves rolled, jeans, and black combat boots, contrasting his sweet personality.

Mike had a light blue shirt, black coat around his waist, jeans, and blue sneakers. You had fave FNAF. View Gallery. Please comment if you read T: You took a glance at Sasha and Connie. Not watching where you were going you shot your MG at the same spot as Eren, resulting in you both running straight into each other. You let out a yelp at the impact, only for the cables to wrap around you both, locking you two together. You squirmed frantically, only making it worse. To be honest, every season is my favorite season because by the time the season comes around, I'm so ready for the weather it brings.

Around this time of year I was ready for the beautiful colors and slightly chillier weather that fall carried. Everytime I was forced to wear an extra layer of clothes, it made me a little bit more happy because it reminded me that autumn's winds prepares us for winter's snow. That's what brought me outside during the short lunch break that the school allowed us. The trees surrounding the school were painted with orange and red colors, and I welcomed the leaves that fell on my head and around me. All the colors made me appreciate the- "AGH! However, it wasn't the branch that caused the unbearable pain in my arm, but the idiot boy who was sitting on it.

Here I was, appreciating nature and all the beauty it suppl. Reader "Good morning beautiful. You opened your eyes slowly, to met with soft teal ones. He grinned, and placed his hand on your cheek. Load All Images. Qwerty Featured By Owner Aug 31, I tried to make it weirdly funny. There's multi-endings considered than the wonderful one here. Wanna know 'em?

Reader-Chan get's to go to the dance, but Josh is there by the magic of toast. Scott and Josh get in a fight, but in the end they take turns dancing with you. Ending with Josh kissing you, but you died because he smeared poison on his lips, but he thought it was chap-stick. Same as above but Scott kisses you and Josh stabs him. Reader-Chan and Scott have a normal, fun time at the party, but Scott invites Reader-Chan to have some fun with him. Same as above, but in the middle of "it", Scott's mom walks in.

Same as above, but instead of Scott's mom, it's Josh. Reader-Chan get's stood up. Scott get's killed before he could go to the dance.

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Resulting with Reader-Chan to have her own dance with Josh in the hell-hole. Scott goes to the dance in his underwear 'cause Josh stole his tux. Reader-Chan dies of laughter. That's the end of the other stupid endings. Each one is totes fabou! Oh Never knew you had an interest in my art. I found this due to mention, but it's ok!

Though the credit would be nice! Prev Next. So I guess I'm opening up free customs now? If you have a character idea that is relatively easy or could be used on a base, go ahead and suggest it below. I can't promise I'll do every single one, if anyone's at all, but it's free so there's really no risk lmao. If you can, please try and include these: Alternatively, I'm also doing breed. All of it. Nuzlocke rules in effect Route Run into Zigzagoon and catch it.

Nickname Ziggy Grinded until Nugget was level 8 and Ziggy was level 4 Route run into poochyena and caught it. Nickname it Midnight Midnight grind to level 5 Roubt after 30 min of searching, found ralts with pokeradar. EXP from battle made wormyevolv. New Project! So if you have noticed with the last two polls, I have been in a Pokemon mood.

The reason for this is the new project I have. I am going to be making a comic. Now first I will write down each event as they happen in a journal. I will update it frequently so you can see what's up with the game there. As you may have seen, the choices were between a Nuzlocke or a Wonderlocke The picker chose a Nuzlocke! Along with that, you guys voted on Torchic, so that will be my starter.

This is going to be in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire! Here are the rules I have for myself. She quickly stood up and went off to find an employee with an application for the night watch p. Personal Counselor Human! The puppet frowned as he crossed his arms and looked at Fritz, who was trying to see if he could fix the tablet. Go home. Revival Human! Since his get away, Fritz had been constantly coming back to the pizzeria to fix the music box. He sighed as he huddled his legs closer to his chest as he rested his chin on top of his knees. Soon a soft shuffling of soft footsteps indicated the approach of Chase.

Blake slightly smiled as he heard his friend pull out the key from the music box and soon the melody came to a halt. He felt th. She had never seen this man. He had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was wearing some sort of authority uniform from the looks of it. He removed his hand from her mouth and then grabbed her hand as he dragged her to the kitchen.

Mad Eyes of a Beautiful Killer - (Purple Guy x Reader)

Jeremy sensed her questioning gaze and sighed. Healing Wounds Human! Foxy x Depressed! Mike took her hand as he dragged her into the building. The smell of pizza and children was everywhere. Walking over to their table, Mike order a small pizza for the both of them. He nodded as he went off to talk to the owner of the restaurant for an appli. Flirty Start Human!

Air vents. Today, her former co-worker, Jeremy Fitzgerald, had been switched to the day shift. In fact, Jeremy had to admit he was gay to some people who asked if the two were dating. She had been asked if she wanted to switch to day shift first. She was too kind and gave up the position for Jeremy.

He was very thankful and promised to repay her sometime. Now she was stuck alone with this new guy,.

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  • Surprise Confession Human! You just say things so monotonically! I was wondering if you had seen BonBon? View Gallery. Featured in Collections???

    Phone Guy Purple

    The ticking second hand finally reached five till and noon struck. The hooded being flipped the cover of the pocketwatch shut as he put it away and began to run. His race against time had begun. The soldiers happily threw the headless body onto the wagon below, the crowd exploded with enthusiasm. The guillotine blade was raised again as the head commander looked over his soldiers and turned his attention back to the crowd.

    He smirked as he watched another victim being escorted up the steps to the guillotine. Savior H! Bonnnie x D! Her locker was slammed shut as she was pushed to the ground. Zoe and BonBon were starting to get annoyed alongside Troy. At the moment, the humans were in the back room behind the Show Stage, trying to play poker, however, with the constant sobbing of the night security guard, it was hard to keep a straight face.

    Troy sighed as he laid his cards down on the table. BonBon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Zoe, who glared at him in return. Though I really doubt I need to say this Following contains gore and violence. She froze as they took their hand off of her mouth. Slowly, she turned around to face them.

    W-what happened to you? The golden haired male was covered in blood from head to toe. Splatters of red painted his golden suit as well as his face. Black ooze was seeping from his black sockets as well as blood. Getting Even Y!

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    • Shadow Bonnie x Reader x Human! The blue haired male only continued to whistle innocently as he put the lighter away in his back pocket. Rough Start, Sweet End Human! The girl sighed as she returned back to her job. Reader Warning: Extreme feelz ahead. If I cried writing this, then you will surely die on the inside after reading this. Ventilation- Reboot. Nothing said otherwise. The crime he had committed was too grand to let go. He was officially known as the Schizophrenic of the town.

      His only friend, poor little Matthew, was gone, having fallen victim to him. There was someone else the male knew, and they were very much alive. The darkn. Sad It comes as a wonder of what caused Vincent to begin his killing spree.

      Maybe some past trauma? A previous killing? Death of someone close to him? All 3, sadly, are the causes. It was 5 years before the deaths at Freddy Fazbears, before the murders, before the haunted animatronics, before he was a security guard.