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Credit line is low, but i figure that is to be expected. I had a charge off about 9yrs ago. I have had soft inquiries on my experian regularly since. If I were to be removed from the blacklist would those inquiries cease? Banks regularly conduct soft inquiries so they can decide if they want to send you offers. Let me clarify. I am on the blacklist and I get inquiries every month or two from Amex in the account review section on my Experian. The account charged off 10 years ago. I am wondering if Amex account review inquiries specifically are an indicator that you are on the blacklist.

Is being blacklisted relevant to direct applications with Amex, or does it effect any card they sponsor? Anyone with experience here? It only has to do with the cards they issue. Hi Shawn, Just happened to google this topic because I was denied for having a bad prior relationship with AMEX in the early s layoff, etc. The account was charged off in about and when I applied in December was automatically denied.

I asked for a further review not knowing about the black list and nothing happened. I followed up and they did pull a credit report but denied again citing the same reasons as they did in the first letter. The only two ways I have ever heard of anyone being successful in getting off of the list is either paying back the money or slipping through by first becoming an AU. I wish I knew another way! My question is, is it better to become an AU on an existing account and just be added, or have my wife app for say the PRG and add me during that process?

I currently have a EX and recently had a Corp card through work. I left that company, but paid on time for 12 months. I am going to app for Marriott Rewards myself in a couple of weeks, so just in case AMEX pulls my credit, I am waiting to see if I am truly on the blacklist. My story: Who gives a 21 year old kid a Gold Card and lets them rack up to 29K in debt in a 30 day period?

Fast forward to now 42 , and with available credit lines of K aggregate total between all my personal revolving accounts — all with a 0 balance. My point, your FICO score does vary depending on what type of credit you are trying to ascertain. Every single attempt, every single year has yielded negative results. A good friend of mine was telling me the other day how he just got approved for the Blue card by AMEX. I asked him how he had a previous BK with them too? He said his wife had an AMEX card with a 10K limit not sure which card and she added him as an authorized user.

He said when she added him, they reduced her credit limit from 10K to 1K within 30 days. He then said a few months later he applied on his own for the Blue card, and was approved for 5K. He said he would add me as an authorized user to his account if I wanted. I told him I will try it after I get through my mortgage process. I know his credit is a little shaky, and that could affect my credit report. I also told him that when he adds me as an authorized user, he can keep the card — this way he has no risk of me damaging his credit.

I will keep you posted after I do this. I am on the list also…AU time! Very nice post, but not helpful for me yet… I will get straight to the point and hope you can advise. I received my first AMEX in and in defaulted on it and on very many credit items at that time due to some personal problems. It was approximately k debt to AMEX. It has been over 9 years since then and all negative information has been removed from all of my credit reports as statue of limitation expired.

My score is now and I was just approved for a 20k Chase CC.

What's next?

I have a leased car under my name for over 2 years now, personal income is over k. Four years ago my wife added me to her platinum AMEX account and I spent over k on it since then, no late payments ever. AMEX, however still refuse to issue a card under my name or the business name and they say the only reason preventing me from getting is my old default with them. I have spoken to maybe 10 different representatives in AMEX but no one can advise how to help the situation and restore their confidence….

That is definitely their official policy. I defaulted on my Premier Rewards Gold card a year ago due to a sudden catastrophic family event. This all went down about a month after I started a new job where I was issued a Corporate Green card for necessary travel expenses. Even though my Gold card was cancelled and the debt collectors were let loose on my arse, my corp card remained fully functional through it all. Since that time, my credit score and income have risen substantially. Just got approved for an Amex Platinum.

I defaulted on two american express cards in a chapter 7 back in October They were paid off in full this year — I just reapplied for a Delta Platinum Card and was approved with 10K limit. I originally called right after the debt was paid in full and was told to call back in 30 days. I did have a gold amex issued through work during this time as well. Hope this helps! How would I go about finding out from them what I owe and how to pay it back?

I mailed them a letter about 3 months ago asking if I owe them anything and if so, what I can do about it, and they never replied. However, the reality is that if you pay them back you will be off the blacklist. Call their Global Collections department. You can call the Global Collections Department and arrange for payment. Once paid it can take days to update in their systems.

Once updated you will be off the blacklist and eligible to apply for an Amex product without automatically being denied. She was approved just fine, but they turned me down for an additional card on her account. I had a personal Amex Platinum and a Amex Gold in s and 90s. Since , I tried couple of times for new cards but I was declined automatically, I guess I was on their famous Black List. Since I own a multi million dollar business, Amex was after me to add them to our current merchant service to start accepting Amex Cards in addition to our exsisting merchant service account for Visa, Master Card and Discover.

Last month we started to accept Amex Cards as well. About a week ago I got a call from a representative of Amex Premium Business Account Acquisitions, she offered us to open an Amex Business Platinum Card with first year fees waived and , membership points upon approval. The representative made several calls to different departments while I was on the phone listening in. I immediately got two cashiers checks for the two old accounts and sent to Florida via FedEx Priority Express. I was removed from the list within 24 hours and received my new Business Platinum Card within three days.

I guess, I can confirm that Amex is currently running an aggressive campaign to transfer premium business accounts from other banks high limit credit card holders. I was curious about this policy and decided to test it out. In , AmEx offered me a Green card, and after a while, I added a family member as an AU who could not get his own card. In retrospect, bad idea, but I was 22; what did I know?

For several years, there was no problem, and I was upgraded to a Platinum card after a couple years. The card was good for far more than I could personally handle, thanks to the AU…but in things went bad and I was left holding the bag for 57K. Eventually this was cleared in a Ch. I have every credit card worth having, and have available credit lines of between 28K and K, some are corporate cards for my business and a 2.

You could apply daily with no affect on your credit bureau. Today my girlfriend added me authorized user to her AMEX Platinum personal card, and her Platinum corporate card in an attempt to see if I can get myself removed from the list that I have been on for over 21 years.

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Lastly, thank you for the informative article. I received a Platinum corporate card as an authorized user on my girlfriends account. We also received a letter that said I was not eligible for authorized user on her personal account. They said they would reevaluate the request after 12 months of usage on her corporate card. In the interim, my friend tried to add me as a authorized user on his personal Amex Blue card; he received the same denial letter on my behalf. I went Bankrupt in , with a few thousand on an Amex card. I had been an Amex card holder for over 20 years.

I applied after the BK was removed from my credit report. FICO or so. Got the dreaded denial because of previous relationship. Had a business colleague offer to list me on his card. When I talked to them they tole me the ban was for life. If I wanted any reconsideration I would have to pay off the card.

This certainly appears to be an illegal attempt to try to collect a discharged debt. This was in Does it matter which card you apply for? I had the GOLD in when this happen. Are some easier than others? Seems it would be a waste of their time. On the app, it says AU must not have defaulted on Amex in the past. Am also on the BL. Can I even get approved for a basic Amex card? Glad that job is over. Fast forward 5 more years to now: My credit is MUCH better and moving in the right direction.

I was in the low when I decided to turn this around and now in the mids. I almost fell out of my chair. I can guarantee you this: Hang in there! I read that the Delta Amex card is easier to get, and possibly with my income and score I could get it. Is it worth applying for? Or should I just avoid the credit inquiry and try a different card? Ho Shawn. I has a conversation with you in , over my being on the Amex blacklist.

I followed your advice, and just the other day pigs flew. Amex removed me from their blacklist — without paying back the debt, and they approved me for a American ExpressBlue Cash Preferred — 2 k limit, but no restrictions. And eligible for their 3x CLI in 45 days. BTW, since communicating with you in , I have acquired 7 card accounts, but the two newest I am dropping because the have a nasty habit of sticking misc interest charges onto my statement during the overnight when my statement posts. And the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve is in my sights in 6 months time.

I was discharged Chapter 7 in and recently applied for new Amex credit. They are the only company that I am aware of that denied me credit without pulling my credit report that I am aware of. And when I asked about it they told me after I finally got through to the right department that I was banned for life unless I paid the discharged debt and legally I am told any company can do this. My now ex husband was an authorized user. We used our cards for everything but eventually my husband chose to stop paying his balance.

I stopped using all credit for 10 years however 18 months ago I decided to rebuild my credit. After reading your advice regarding applying for a card to see if I was on the blacklist, I applied for the green Amex but was denied as I had an outstanding balance.

Today, I was approved for the Amex Blue, the only card for which I applied. Awesome advice Shawn, thanks so much. I have a green card that I owe 35, on and they sent me to fr. I did not give them any requested items and they cancelled my card. How long do I have to pay that money back?

The first statement I received was normal and had a minimum amount due. My wife has outstanding credit and we have been using her AMEX card for a number of years now. We charge a LOT of expenses 6 figures on the card each year. I would like to try to be added as an additional user but we are worried they may flag her to my old balances and this may cause them to review her account and close it or reduce the credit line, especially since we are self employed so run our expenses on a personal card.

Have you ever heard of a request for an additional cardholder who is blacklisted triggering problems for the primary cardholder or a review of their credit use or limit? No I have never heard of that situation happening. I suppose it is always possible, but I would doubt it. Here is my experience… been with Amex since and carried the Personal Plat since In the BK was the Amex that only had 5k on it but was told by my BK attorney that it would be a waste to pay it off. They will close the account anyway. So I listened and left it in the BK untouched. Here is the weird part. When I first got the card it shows member since The magnet got damaged somehow and they sent me a new card and that showed member since In I was unable to pay It stayed on my credit report for 10 year.

I assume they do a soft pull why else would they ask for last four of social? I had a balance with them back in Had my car stolen with the worth of merchandise and then some in it 1 week from purchasing it. I was 19 when I got my AE pretty much young and dumb to how important credit was.

Amex Canceled My Card and It Was the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Me | GOBankingRates

Over 10 years later almost score. I applied and got shot down. I asked him to try to add me as AU so maybe I can wiggle my way back into getting my own card with them again. He gave name SS and DB and it was approved instantly. My reason for denial was because of my bad rep with them but as AU I got approved.

Question — I had a charge off with the. But eventually paid the full balance as an arrangement with Amex. They the. First, I thought Optima was discontinued. I think the optima is also offered from a subsidiary and not directly with Amex. Anyone have any idea? Also, I have had the optima card for a few years now and have always been on time. Any insight? Long time Amex holder. Ran in to some trouble. Worked out a payment arrangement. Instead sent me an offer to get the Optima card. I accepted and now have the optima. I think it is from a subsidiary of Amex. Have had the card for a few years now and want to switch back to regular Amex.

That I would need to cancel the optima first before applying for the regular Amex. Could be risky. Anyone have any insight? So, tried and true, AMEX is very unforgiving for BK filers and the best bet is to wait years after the discharge. They charged them off in so well out of the SOL. Just applied for a Amex Delta card and was immediately declined. I called them and they basically want the entire balances paying off. I find this objectionable that they have taken a tax write off and used TARP. Since they told me they paid it off themselves they never bothered me since. I was the victim of identity theft over 15 years ago multiple credit cards opened in my name.

All of the other banks were very sympathetic and relatively easy to deal with, just had to supply the necessary reports and notarized affidavits. I ended up having to get a lawyer to get them to back down and ended up threatening all three credit bureaus with lawsuits for continuing to report AMEX. Did not work. Got my first Amex card back in shortly after high school. I burned amex for around 15k total 8k business line of credit, 7k personal cards. I was able to get a Chase Sapphire Reserve card recently after a couple tries with the recon people but I would still like to get back with Amex.

Why AMEX cancelled my Amex Gold card??? Amex financial review

I have been on the blacklist since my BK. For the hell of it I setup an amex high yield savings account and put in 20k into it. After a couple of months I had my wife try adding me again as an AU and it went through this time. I got the card and was able to get logged into the amex credit card website and it shows me being a member since I tried to apply for one credit card and one charge card via the preapproval portal and was auto declined for both. Anyway… should I just wait it out and try again in a few months? Has anybody with CH 7 discharged debt been able to settle with amex for an amount less than the total to get off the blacklist?

Guess I should have done some research as it looks like they stopped backdating new cards on March 21st, AMEX wanted last 2 months of bank statements with beginning and ending balances. I refused the bank statements at first, but I did send them IRS tax transcripts from the past 2 years, with adjusted gross income of k in , and k in They still insisted on bank statements. They refused to accept this, even after speaking to a supervisor and having my case escalated to a VP. I am still on her accounts after the shutdown of my accounts, and her accounts have not been affected.

Interestingly, just before the financial review I had applied for a SPG business card, it was approved 1 day after my accounts had been frozen for the Financial Review. When I received the card and activated it, it showed as also frozen. I find it interesting that I was approved after the FR freeze….. I wonder if this means that I am not blacklisted? This along with the fact that I am still an AU and account manager on my mothers accounts make me believe that I am not blacklisted.

I wonder if they will put me through FR if I apply again? Anyone go through something similar to this or have any thoughts on how long before I reapply and what might happen? I would recommend applying for AU on another persons account. Amex has been known to erase blacklisted former customers that do not have outstanding debt with Amex. I filed for BK after a failed business in A year later bossman tried again and I was approved as AU.

That was two years ago. I still have 1. They pre-approved me for the blue cash everyday. Then I applied and was instantly turned down. No inquiry on my reports. I will try again after the BK falls off the report and see what happens. I own a house and paid off my car loan. Creditwise, I am in great shape. I will be fine without American Express but something in me has made it a challenge that I must overcome! I was blacklisted in for a 2k default i paid off afterwards. In I worked for a very large corporation and they were able to somehow get me a corporate card i think they guarantee the debt?

Wish me luck! I recently took a job that offers a company AMEX. This balance does not show up on my credit report at all and I am currently battling my previous employer to figure out whose responsibility this balance is. It has been over 3 years since I had that account.

My current Experian score is mid s. Is my past balance the road block to getting approved for this card? If the issue is my score, then I will use the money I could pay off the balance and work to get my score up by paying other resposibilites. Unfortunately for me, I was declined for this card. This balance does not show up on my credit report at all and I am currently battling my previous employmer to figure out whose responsiblity this balance is. I want to thank you for the advice: I had a Amex Green Card, as a college student in , which was charged off by or so.

I tried to apply for a card, but was rejected, but they did pull my credit report and gave me a good explanation. I have been on their blacklist for 18 years due to a chapter 7 bankruptcy. They do! All good!!! More than one payment made by an ex business partner was returned NSF. Amex cancelled my Delta Skymiles card.

They suggested I apply for an Optima card. One more story. I now have no record of BR and my partner tried to add me as a AU. They denied it. Im wondering if this is legal? Once the BR is off of the record, can they legally hold a grudge? I know I have read somewhere they can maintain internal records.

I filed bK ch 13 in In my company requested to add me to corporate card and was declined. They never even asked my social. A year later he requested again and I was approved as an authorized user. I applied. Was denied. No hard credit pull on my bureaus. They definitely keep a list. Applying now for a supp card so waiting to see what happens. I got my first Green Card in , I was 22 at the time, and quickly ran it up. I also ran all my other card up. I sent letters to all my creditors and negotiated payments.

All except Amex gave me a reduction and a payment agreement. I eventually paid Amex in full. Fast forward, a good friends mother passed, she transferred her moms card me. Yes Amex, actually did it. Now I have 5 Amex cards. Amex asks, whats your old number. What can I do? I got my first credit card in Amex Green. They gave them away to anyone at my University in those days haha. I travel for work so I will be interested to see what the letter says when i get home. After reading this now, I think i am one of those 30year guys. In truth, they probably did me a favor.

Yup, same here. I have since reopened an Amex card, they gave me a crazy high credit limit….. Reason being, my Optima still shows past due, though it was included in the BK charge off. I got an email 2 days ago from American Express. It did cause me to reflect on exactly where I was in My online account says Color me confused. We offer employees the choice of using their own credit card and getting reimbursed which I prefer since I am able to keep my Delta status this way or being an AU on our business Platinum Am Ex which a lot of employees like for the lounge access, 10 free gogo passes and Global Entry.

Interesting — thanks Jamie. Tell him he could get the Chase Sapphire Reserve and that comes with Priority Pass membership which includes a lot of airport restaurants these days. Also earns 3X Ultimate Rewards on flights best points out there and comes with a global entry credit. It was charged off. Unfortunately, I tried to transfer over my Miles to my Delta account. After being denied, I was told that my old Optima balance is still on my account and I cannot use my miles.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! I am so happy I found this forum! Yes you CAN get off the blacklist. I filed bk on an amex account back in I have a home , business, and cleaned up my credit since. So I went directly onto the Amex site right after the first denial and registered for a Delta Skymiles card in my business name also using my ss and I was accepted with my original member since displayed on my account.

I thought I was forever blacklisted! How exciting for you! I was thinking of waiting 2 years after the BK falls off Next April and try again. Had a BK in My Amex green was always paid on time but had a 14k balance on an Optima account that was charged off. To this day I am still denied, only 22 years….. I apply once in a while, but I am not losing sleep on this. I have excellent credit and plenty of credit, got a bank amex card to use on the amex network.

I dont think it is the case today.

Amex Application Status + Tips on Reconsideration Phone Line (American Express Credit Cards)

There are plenty of options nowadays outside of amex for people who want a solid Cash reward or Travel reward card with plenty of perks. I am still on the blacklist, no hard pull as of yet. I try once a month for the same card, Gold card. Is that too often? I read someone blacklisted, was approved under their business name, with their same social attached to the business. Any input anyone? Very interesting article and replies from people.

My credit is now excellent and Id apply around once a year from around to them but always get rejected. The last rejection was at the start of this year but had another go recently and have been approved for Platinum charge card. So after 17 years I seem to have dropped off the blacklist. Happy days. I still wonder if there is an illegality with keeping a blacklist. Any legal scholars here? AX eventually filed a lawsuit against me on the Green card and of course won a judgment.

They placed a lien on my personal property which still exists. Throughout the years I have received my replacement AX Corporate company card with no issues. I had my identity stolen about 17 years ago, all the other creditors were either very helpful or at not much of a problem in getting through a nightmare that took over a year to clean up, hundreds of hours of my and a hell of a lot of expense.

Fast forward 16 years my wife has had a AMEX card for a couple years with an excellent limit and history so I tried getting added as authorized used. Nope, still blacklisted. In fact, a few months after that I started getting letters and calls asking if I wanted to settled on what owed them for 25 cents on the dollar. Seeing as they owe me, I think you can figure out where I told them to put there green card. I had a financial review and they closed all of my accounts. I reapplied yesterday and they approved my application but then cancelled my card today citing previous unsatisfactory relationship.

Can I call to request reopening? Also, the agent on reconsideration told me that I am not on a blacklist because I paid off the accounts but now they just cancelled my card right after approval. I find this concerning because that account had no issues or activity on it; it was just opened. Welp fast forward 15 years later. So to all of those rebuilding just stay the course. Congrats to you!!! Oh, the feeling of enjoying a complimentary glass of wine in a Centurion Lounge… Life is good and YES, it will get better!!! I did a form of insolvency here in the UK back in Burned Amex for about 10k.

Once my insolvency dropped off my credit files from I applied twice a year and each time getting referred then decline letter. Roll on to and, for some reason, I was referred but then approved for the BA Amex followed by online instant approval for Platinum. So there you go, 12 years I had to wait. I really missed by Amex cards! I had a Bk back in Was just approved for a Amex gold and Amex everyday card. But platinum not. If I pay the amount owed in the statement, will they reinstate the account? When I call they tell me the account has been discharged. So I am confused as to why they continue to send a statement requesting a payment.

If anyone can assist with some options I would really appreciate the assistance. Every time I get an immediate response that they cannot give me a card. They do NOT do a hard pull and the reply is immediate. Recently I did that and it came back with 3 cards that I was qualified for, would I like to apply for one. I picked the lowest one, the everyday cash card. Wow, I thought, finally after 13 years.

Amex card suggestion

I could see the writing on the wall. Notice that word again. I should have known better. They have a long memory. Within hours I got an email to look for a US Mail. The card came 9 days after approval. Activated card. So far so good. Why nearly every purchase should be on a credit card. It can do that several ways:. Unfortunately, very little. If you act fast, you may be able to negotiate to have the card reopened. But be prepared for bad news. Credit card companies are under no obligation to re-establish a canceled account. At NerdWallet, we adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity to help you make decisions with confidence.

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