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PNG images. Quickoffice 6 Quickoffice 6 screenshots for Nokia C3. Quickoffice 6 screenshots for Nokia C3. Download link: Download Quickoffice Premier 6 v. Tags On: Apps Download Source url by https: Modern Combat 5 v1. Gameloft memang sudah terkenal akan kualitas game-gamenya. It should have a flash and have more pixels. Here is one photo taken with my C3. Behind the dark clouds, the sun is still shining. Posted by Ernesto Adorio at 1: Nokia C3 camera. Saturday, February 19, Adjust volume while on call.

Simply scroll up and down top and bottom of navigation ring to adjust the speaker volume. There are no separate controls for the microphone and speakers. Volume control. Record voice calls. The Nokia C3 has the capability of recording audio conversations while doing calls. Practice before using this feature so you are relaxed when recording a call.

We will try to finally see if the C3 can record FM music. Version 0.

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Voice call recorder. Tuesday, February 15, Project: Epic Fail! I wanted a more capable calculator for my Nokia C I googled and saw this!

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Natty calculator. Friday, February 11, Will the Microsoft partnership result in a stronger Nokia or mark the end of its dominance? I think if it is featured in the New York Times, see http: But this marks a dramatic change for Nokia which has been using Symbian OS in its high end phones.

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Nokia may not continue to offer Meego and in fact the chairman has let go of its vice-president handling the Meego project. This is a loss of self-confidence on Nokia's part, and may affect customer perception as they know NOkia plans to phase out Symbian. I for one is in the market for an Android phone, current prices are way above 5, Pesos at the moment. This only means that our blog which you are reading may reach end-of-life in just under two years.


Tthere is no room for improvements or modifications in Symbian, whether S60 or S40 version. But we will continue to put out posts for our C3 which we have grown fond of. Posted by Ernesto Adorio at 3: Wednesday, February 9, Is clock time of Nokia C3 slower than my computer time? TThere were several occasions where the time indicated in my Nokia was ten minutes later than my friends watches.

So today I will formally take note of the time and compare it with my ntp adjusted computer clock time. In Ubuntu you do this by issuing sudo ntpdate ntp. I have to add ten minutes to my C3 time setting when I did this just a while ago. Hope the clock display will be accurate.

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I checked today and the displayed time and date are all right but I have to turn of auto update of time and date in the Nokia C3. Visit the link Philstar According to this article, dated January 24, , the top downloaded apps and games for Nokia phones from the OVI store are the following: High Speed 3D Free, a racing game eBuddy s60 Skype, free calls or lowcost international calls using wifi.

This blogger has tried High Speed 3d and Snaptu on the C3. Some of the most popular apps and games above is for S60 powered phones. Alas, the C3 uses the S40 operating system. Posted by Ernesto Adorio at 8: Ovi top apps and games. I have seen advertisements for Java Apps for the C phone. So far I have not been able to download any to my computer or phone to install in my C If any reader has successfully installed a Java App not from the OVI store please tell us in the comment box below.

We will be grateful and we will acknowledge your contribution in this and future posts. We hope to extend the life of the C3 in our possession. Java apps. Friday, February 4, Scanlife 2d barcode scanner not available for the Nokia C3??!

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It now successfully loaded! I thought I can test this business utility barcode scanner in my Nokia C3 but the web page says it is not available for the C3!!!

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The webpage for this utility is at http: Scanlife barcode scanner. You can turn off the phone to be safe, but the Nokia C3 can be put into silent mode. April 19, A quicker and more convenient way is simply to depress the bottom rightmost button, the one with a note icon and a forward slash sympbol for more than a second. This will toggle your general and silent mode profiles!

This will only work however if you are into the main desktop opening screen, not in the applications screen menu! Silent Mode. Snaptu - why you should use it. From my first use, it takes advantage of the small screen, and it is easier on the eyes. Try it out your self. You should have the maximum of 8Gbytes SD card in your phone. Snaptu is available for free from the Nokia OVI store. Saturday, January 29, Set image resolution of camera.

The C3 camera is good for obtaining casual photos. It has a two megapixels CCD sensor better than a VGA camera , but if you are in the right place at the right time, your camera images might be stunning to look at.

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You can adjust the resolution of your camera. Here are possible choices: The high recolutions can easily fill up small capacity micro-sd cards! Dear reader, We are trying to make this blog useful and relevant. Are there any unclear parts of the instructions above?

Drop a comment or email the blogger at ernesto. Why is my C3 waiting too long to detect wifi? There may be more than one factor which may affect the speed of detecting existing wifi hotspots. One possiblity is that the battery is too drained! Charge it up first and you may soon detect your wifi fast!

Another factor is that the C3 might be in flight mode. But it requires you to plugin the headset provided, since it needs the long wire connector to function as an antenna. You know that the headset is working if you can see the headset icon from the Desktop screen. If you cannot see the icon, press the headphone connector with a rotating motion.

Simple Help. Daniel Goldman December 4, , 8: Daniel Opera Software. Alex October 22, , Rajvir January 27, , 1: How i use utorrent on my nokia superova? How to install utorrent in my mobile opera mini 4. admin