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If the password is entered incorrectly in any of these locations, the counter will be reflected on the smartphone. If you are certain that the password you are typing into the BlackBerry smartphone is correct, complete the following steps: If you do not use the alt or shift key when entering the password on the BlackBerry smartphone, the password will consist of the corresponding letters on the keypad.

Research In Motion does not have: Toggle navigation. Knowledge Base. Multiple attempts to type in a password prompts a warning that data will be wiped from the BlackBerry smartphone Article Number: April 25, Last Modified: April 25, Type: Deliberately type in an incorrect password five times on your BlackBerry smartphone. Follow the instructions carefully and use your storage device to move settings to the Recovery Utility and fully reset your Chromebook while keeping as much of your data safe as possible.

To resolve this, start by checking your Internet connection.

Browser issues

Ideally, you will have a strong Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection. It will run through your monthly data and often causes these error messages. You can also restart your Chromebook to help. Simply press the power button to shut down after making sure all your current work is finished , and then when the Chromebook is fully shut down, press the power button again to restart.

This helps deal with some of the update errors. If you have tried to download the same update several times and it refuses to even start, then you need to try rebooting your Chromebook. The easiest way to do this is to simply restart by turning your Chromebook off with the power button and then turning it back on again. This will wipe away your settings and hard drive, so make sure everything is saved to the cloud first.

Generally, we advise that you double-check your password, username, and Google account to make sure all are up to date and functioning as expected because the problem is usually with one of these three. Be it Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, audio, or other errors, hopefully, this guide has helped you resolve some of your common issues with Chrome OS.

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Chrome OS will occasionally run into a problem where it will keep reloading browser tabs — over and over and over, slowing down everything else. The same is true of apps and programs. When browsing on the web and Chrome OS crashes for no reason, your best solution is to again restart your Chromebook, and then turn it back on. If that fails, then a webpage could be the problem.

You also can try to hard reset by pressing and holding the power button.

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Extensions or apps could also be the cause of crashes, and you can try to remove them to resolve your issues. To remove an app, click the Launcher, and then the Up Arrow. You also can temporarily disable by following the previous steps and turning off the extension you want to disable. If this is happening all the time, then something is wrong with your operating system or your settings.

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One of the easiest and hopefully effective solutions is to start closing browser tabs and windows. Failing extensions can also be a problem. If it does, enable extensions again one at a time to find out where the troublemakers are, and delete them. In the event that all else fails, you can check your internet connection, clear your cache, or try opening a webpage in an Incognito window. This error assuming you have the web address right is most often caused by cookie or proxy issues.

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The problem could also be your proxy settings sometimes indicated by a message about proxy issues. If you have recently switched to a Chrome device and you are finding it difficult to link with any of your old documents, there are several workarounds you can use.

This app functions similar to how it will on Android or iOS, so you should feel right at home. Another option is moving to Word Online.

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This is a specific Chrome extension specializing in making it possible to use Office features on your Chromebook and with various applications and is well-reviewed. If you have online Office capabilities, this web-based solution is ideal. Check the bottom right area to make sure that the Wi-Fi icon is full and not covered by an X, which means your Wi-Fi is turned off. Particularly old wireless networks may not work with Chrome OS. When in doubt, you can also restart your Chromebook. The steps are extra easy. Shut down using the power button, wait for a bit, and then push the power button to start up again.

See if your Wi-Fi works now. Typically this will show a notification about the connection and an icon of two windows. This will give you a number of options to rotate your image, center the image, check the TV alignment, and send the image to multiple screens. See if any of these can help solve your problem. First, check for any obvious but sometimes unnoticed issues like plugged-in headphones that may need to be removed before you can hear sound normally.

If you are using an audio device like speakers, make sure it is working properly.

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If the problem seems to be on the OS itself, then head over to the area on the bottom right where the icon for the time appears. After tapping or clicking there, find the option to adjust the volume via a slider. Make sure the volume is turned up high enough to hear. You also can try to change the sound input or output. Simple click on the same time area, and next to the volume slider select the right arrow. First, keep in mind that not all Chrome OS devices work with Bluetooth — but most do. Make sure your Bluetooth is on and working.

Make sure that any codes you have to put in are accurate.

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Never forget the physical aspect. This may be your barrier to success: You need Google Cloud Print via an Internet connection to successfully print. Find a cloud-ready printer for the best results. admin