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Add everyone then add your own at the bottom. Keep the list growing and everyone wins.

Mafia will fly up and get requests everyday. Crime City Mafia Codes. How do I build up my mafia?

Crime City

Add players to your mafia by selecting "Add Mafia" from the menu. Enter your friend's mafia code in the box provided. To quickly build up your mafia use these resources: What is the maximum number of mafias I can use in PvP? Normally, for every level of your character, you can bring 5 mafia to battle up to the cap of For each mafia member, you can bring one weapon, one armor, one explosive and one vehicle. Some players have earned items with modifiers which allow more mafia, or reduce the number of mafia their rival may use.

How does fighting other players work? The total attack and defense of your BEST items determines your stats going into battle.

Publisher Description

For any items beyond the maximum amount, only the best ones will be automatically chosen. You cannot currently remove unused items from your inventory. How does the Rivals list work?

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When you click the Rival list to fight PvP, you will see the opposition listed. You can refresh this list, and it will pull new rivals, in a certain pattern.

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First shown are players at your level, with a lower level of mafia. Second refresh shows players at your level with higher level mafia. Third refresh shows one level above you, with lower mafia. Fourth shows one level higher than you, with higher mafia. Fifth shows one level down with a lower mafia range. Finally, the last set shows one level lower than you with a higher mafia. Also, using this information you can control the size of your mafia to influence which list s you appear on for enemies looking to attack.

Have your own syndicate to promote? Crime City Syndicate Codes. Email This BlogThis! CohibAA February 17, at 8: Anonymous February 22, at 7: Black February 22, at Martin February 22, at Schlampina February 22, at Anonymous February 23, at 6: Anonymous February 23, at 4: Anonymous February 26, at 9: Anonymous February 27, at Anonymous February 27, at 6: Anonymous March 1, at 8: Anonymous March 2, at 6: Anonymous March 3, at Anonymous March 4, at 2: Anonymous March 4, at Anonymous March 4, at 6: Anonymous March 5, at 3: Anonymous March 5, at 6: Anonymous March 6, at Anonymous March 7, at 2: Anonymous March 8, at Anonymous March 9, at 2: Anonymous March 9, at 7: Anonymous March 10, at Anonymous March 10, at 8: Anonymous March 11, at 8: Anonymous March 12, at 6: Anonymous March 12, at 7: Anonymous March 13, at 6: Anonymous March 13, at 7: James Walton March 13, at 1: Anonymous March 13, at 5: Anonymous March 14, at 1: Anonymous March 14, at 6: Anonymous March 15, at 5: Anonymous March 17, at 2: Anonymous March 17, at 4: Anonymous March 17, at 5: Anonymous March 18, at Anonymous March 19, at Anonymous March 20, at 6: Anonymous March 21, at 1: Anonymous March 21, at 6: Anonymous March 21, at Anonymous March 21, at 5: Anonymous March 22, at 8: Anonymous March 23, at Anonymous March 24, at 1: Anonymous March 24, at 8: Anonymous March 24, at 9: Anonymous March 24, at Anthony Birdsell March 25, at Anonymous March 25, at 9: Anonymous March 26, at 9: Anonymous March 27, at Anonymous March 28, at Anonymous March 28, at 3: Anonymous March 29, at 2: Anonymous March 30, at Anonymous March 30, at 4: Anonymous March 30, at 9: Anonymous March 31, at 7: Anonymous March 31, at 9: Anonymous April 1, at Anonymous April 2, at 8: Anonymous April 2, at 7: Anonymous April 3, at Anonymous April 4, at 9: Anonymous April 4, at Anonymous April 4, at 8: Anonymous April 5, at Anonymous April 6, at 6: Anonymous April 7, at Anonymous April 7, at 9: Anonymous April 8, at 6: Anonymous April 8, at 7: Anonymous April 9, at Follow the dark path or use the light.

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