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Some users reported a yellow discoloration of the screen that disappeared after several days, which was attributed to the glass lamination glue that was used. It did not have time to dry fully before the unit reached consumers due to the speed of manufacturing.

Iphone 4 A1332

Shortly after the iPhone 4 was launched, some consumers reported that signal strength of the phone was reduced when touching the lower left edge of the phone, bridging one of the two locations which separates the two antennas, resulting in dropped calls in some areas with lower signal reception. The legal challenge was started by a law firm, who set up a website to recruit disenchanted iPhone 4 buyers for a lawsuit against Apple.

Apple explained how the formula it used to calculate the number of bars to display was "wrong". Apple promised to correct the issue and release a software update within a few weeks that would address the "mistake", which had been present since the original iPhone. Consumer Reports initially stated that the iPhone 4's signal issues are not "unique, and may not be serious" and it continued to mention that signal loss is a problem that is faced by the entire smartphone industry.

It has been such a problem that Apple made a formal apology. The next day, the magazine altered their stance after encountering instances of dropped calls. It sarcastically pointed out that using a piece of tape to cover the lower left antenna gap was one way to fix the problem, but recommended that consumers who "want an iPhone that works well without a masking-tape fix" purchase the iPhone 3GS instead. On July 16, , at a press conference, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would provide all iPhone 4 owners with a free case to help solve the antenna issue and a refund to those users who had already purchased a Bumper.

The free case offer would be valid until September 30, , when Apple would re-evaluate the situation. Jobs also announced that Apple could not produce enough Bumpers for all owners of the phone, but would source a supply and offer a range of cases.

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iPhone 4 (GSM) 16, 32 GB Specs (A, MCLL/A*, A/B*, iPhone3,1):

Verizon Has The iPhone 4: The Two-Way". The Wall Street Journal. Verizon Wireless.

  • iPhone 4 (GSM, Revision A) 8 GB Specs (A, MDLL/A*, A/B*, iPhone3,2):!
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  8. Retrieved June 20, Archived from the original on December 24, Retrieved July 25, Gyro spins Apple ahead in gaming". Winners and Losers". Retrieved July 17, To dynamically compare Geekbench 3 results from different iPod touch, iPhone and iPad models side-by-side, see Everyi. Geekbench 4 SC: The Geekbench 4 benchmark does not support early iPhone models. You also might be interested in reviewing all single core and multicore Geekbench 4 user submissions for devices with the iPhone3,2 Model Identifier, which may include multiple models.

    To dynamically compare Geekbench 4 results from different iPod touch, iPhone and iPad models side-by-side, see Everyi. Geekbench 4 Metal: Processor Speed: Apple A4. However, multiple third-parties have determined via software analysis that it has a variable speed processor with a maximum clockspeed of 1 GHz and that commonly runs around MHz to MHz.

    How much faster is the iPhone 4 than earlier iPhone models? Onboard RAM: USB Support: The iPhone 4 does not offer a "disk mode" for file transfer. USB Ports: Dock, Headphone. Case Type: Handheld Form Factor: Housing Color: The patented "multi-touch" interface allows one to control the functions of the system by dragging one or more fingers across the display. How does the iPhone "multi-touch" interface work? Who developed the "multi-touch" interface originally? Built-in Display: The iPhone 4 has a 3. The back of the phone, which also is made of glass, has an oleophobic coating as well. Site sponsor Shenzhen Parts sells quality, factory-direct parts with worldwide shipping and bulk discounts for repair shops.

    Replacement parts include displays, batteries, home buttons, ports, speakers, cameras, antennas, and more for this iPhone. Standard Wireless: Cell Network: The rear camera supports HD video recording p up to 30 FPS with audio , and functions as a 5 megapixel still camera as well. It has a "backside illuminated sensor," a 5X digital zoom, and an LED flash too. Like its predecessor, the iPhone 3GS, it supports geotagging, autofocus, macro, and white balance support, and a "tap to focus" feature. Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery Life Music: In Australia, site sponsor Macfixit sells replacement batteries -- as well as glass covers, displays, and other parts and repair tools -- for this iPhone.

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    This video from iAppleBytes does an excellent job demonstrating the performance difference between iOS 7 on the left and iOS 9 on the right running on the iPhone 4S and help you to decide whether or not you feel the performance loss is worth the compatibility gain:. Note that if you have upgraded your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to a newer version of the operating system, it is not possible to "downgrade" it to an earlier version without resorting to jailbreaking or other hacks.

    These differences -- processor, storage, connectivity, battery life, software, cameras, and identifiers -- along with pricing information are summarized below for your convenience:. Unlocked and contract free models were available at a premium. For intro pricing in dozens of other countries, see the "Global Prices" on the specs page for each iPhone as well as the " By Global Original Prices " section of Everyi. When an iPhone is new, the vast majority of the cost of owning the device is tied to the service plan, at least in countries where it is sold locked to -- and subsidized by -- a mobile carrier, as was the case when the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were introduced in the United States.

    If you're considering a now very cheap iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S on the used market to save money, be sure that you have a sufficient budget to cover the carrier costs. Note that if the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is locked to a particular carrier, this may limit your options, as well. Most users on a tight budget likely would be best off purchasing a newer, but still used, model like an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, or iPhone SE as operating system support is more modern and they likely would provide service for longer if the device is cared for properly.

    However, for those who are on a particularly tight budget, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, particularly the iPhone 4S, remain worth consideration. Of the two models alone, the newer, faster iPhone 4S is the better choice. It has faster performance , faster mobile data support, a better camera, and support for iOS 9 , whereas the iPhone 4 has limited iOS 7 support and no support for later versions of the iOS at all.

    Even with iOS 9 and especially with iOS 7 , the latest version of many apps are not compatible, and older versions often are disabled entirely, particularly for communication, chat, and social media.

    If there are particular apps that you really want to use on your iPhone, be sure to verify compatibility prior to purchasing an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S, either one, to avoid potential disappointment. Also, be sure to verify that your proposed carrier still supports these vintage models as some phone companies have begun to drop support, as well.

    There are any number of places to purchase used iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. However, purchasing from a quality company with extensive iPhone knowledge -- and after sales support -- will provide the best experience and save you money and time, too.

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