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Not that reliable.. Open PC suit and click on 'back up' icon It will ask what to be backed up You better not select all Please select the most important things like Contacts, Calendar entries etc Others don't mark Otherwise it will take a long time to backing up process And if the problem is with your settings if you back up settings too, then the problem will again occur So it's highly recommend only to back up contacts and calender entries Now save your back up in your computer Somewhere safe And copy your private files in your memory card and format the memory card too This is very important You Must format your memory card Now everything is ready Please check again 'is there anything you've forgotten to save or backup'.

If everything is OK..

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Now proceed with the hard reset Enter following code. The default one is Now let the phone to do the rest.. For the hard resetting process, it doesn't take more than 5 minutes But I strongly recommend you to wait 15 minutes without touching the mobile After 15 minutes you can have your mobile and you'll see, it'll be just like the day you've bought your mobile In order to have your backed up data again to your mobile, connect it to the computer and use PC suit together with your saved backup file Good luck brother As you said, 'LCG Jukebox' has very weak noise out put I have mentioned it in my post too, Noise: Music player is meant to play the great quality music So, 'Jukebox' is very weak on several facts like performance, stability, noise But yet, it produces the highest quality sound..

That only matters to me, and I most of the time listen to music with 'LCG Jukebox' However with the Nokia default hands free you'll not notice any big difference in any player quality wise You should buy a good piece of handsfree in order to feel the difference Anyway who am I to tell you about music? You're the musician here!

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I just sent you the "TTPod Music player" with some beautiful skins to your email address Please comment whether it works Please help me in this regard, as my telephone is getting hanging frequently. In the application menu if one is going to install number of applications and organ You can make folders and move them here and there What you have to do is, Select options then organize Now you can drag the contents and drop them anywhere you want You can create more folders according to your desire and move those folders anywhere you want I have installed a bunch of applications and I can't even imagine them without organizing them I have created 12 folders in applications then put installed software in to different categories Such as software in to one folder How can I navigate 30 - 40 programs in a single "applications" folder?

I'll go crazy then! If you want to have the default applications only, then you'll have to Hard reset your mobile and you'll loose all the private data as well as installed applications in phone memory And you'll get your menu just as before I think I've understood you.

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  • But it's kind of very very strange! Bluetooth files are stored in inbox and below the messages and above the "options" and "back" buttons you'll see three icons and the third one right hand side is "Delete" icon.

    Be prepared for this:

    As you said if "delete" has gone from the popup menu then did you try that button too? Or has it also been faded in Grey means inactive?

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    Did you try removing your memory card and restarting the phone without the memory card? There's a great chance this will solve your problem If it solves the case, then the problem is definitely in a software which has been installed in your memory card Formatting the memory card is the least solution I can recommend but in that case you'll lose your programs which have been installed in your memory card Music Launcher plays the same music formats as the music player that comes with your phone.

    Music Launcher allows you to do some management to your music files such as move, rename create new folders and more. Features of FolderPlay: Bulletin software amplifier.

    Best music player for nokia 5233 free download?

    Play random rewinding, continues playback from previously stored position. Simple and light on battery. You can play software with en, ru, he, de, fr, zh languages. Download link Share this: Like Loading Reblogged this on Birajdas's Blog. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Today we will take a look at one of the most feature packed standalone music application that are made for symbian phones and that can be considered to be the very software available Default Music Player: TTPod ipod for nokia: It can download and attach appropriate lyrics automatically without the need of any further intervention.

    Additional option for manual lyrics tagging and Karaoke based line by line voice synchronization. Memory consumption during music playback is relatively low which ensures that you can switch it on and enjoy the music instantly while start browsing with Excellent play list management and support is built in. It can recognize and convert multiple formats, supports desktop and laptop based play list imports and exports.

    Review Summary

    Simple user mode scrolling and song display with the navigation keys of your phone. Additional support for custom shortcuts can also be easily implemented. Extensive custom skins and UI collection are already available in blogs and forums and some of the hottest skins are included in this post as well!!

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    • Customize it the way you want and the way you feel represents you. Neat effects everywhere like customized animations on splash screens, fade out effects on pop-ups etc. Custom Visualizations are also available to download along with some cool mods to maintain and adjust font size, transparency on menus etc. Download Link Note: Power MP3: For a better insight into the world of music on mobile I am highlighting a few below: Power Mp3 offers multiple audio file format compatibility which is really a great plus and really unique for any other mobile phone music or audio player.

      It offers an excellent 10 band graphic equalizer system which can turn your mobile phone into a real monster of a music player. It also offers the spectrum view of the beats if you prefer that. The equalizers can be set to automatic or manual mode.

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      In manual mode you can tweak every single of those 10 bands individually while auto mode changes the other bands as you change a specific band to keep a balance between the bass versus treble. Easy porting and synchronization with basic desktop media players e. Windows Media Player, Winamp, Jukebox etc. Highly innovative custom skin system which varies and enhances visual clarity of the actual application.

      I have included the Black screen which is modern and clean, however feel free to use your very own custom skin anytime. It also is quite intuitive and ultra modern with an impressive mobile 3. Download link LCG Jukebox: admin